Become a member, and spread the quality as well as the numbers of our fellowship.  Help to promote our heritage and awareness of our contribution to Scotland and the world.  Skenes are contributing to the modern world, and played their part in the turbulent centuries of Scottish history. 

“Skene” exists in many spellings – Skeen, Skean, Skeene, Skain, and possibly other variations.  There are other Scottish names which are not recognized clans with their own chief but which may be thought of as affiliated to Skene, coming from the same territory.  A list will include Cariston, Carney, Carnie, Curriehill, Die, Diss, Dyas, Dyce, Dyer, Dyess, Hall, Halliard, Halyard, Hilliard, MacGalliard, MacHalliard, Newtyle, Norrie, Pinkieslaw, Ranny, Rennie, Rubislaw, Skains, and Yell  and names of these ilks.

Remember, there will often be variant spellings.  More important, if you carry or are connected with any name that indicates an origin in the city of Aberdeen or the lands around it, do please accept the welcome to join with us in our celebration of Scottish identity.